Comprehensive care for Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are an extremely common injury.  They involve possible joint damage resulting in swelling, instability and pain, to more severe damage, such as torn ligaments,bruised cartilage and broken bones. 

Immediate treatment includes rest, ice, compression and anti-inflammatories.  

Unfortunately, as many as 80% of untreated sprained ankles result in prolonged symptoms. These can include chronic pain or ankle instability, that makes a person prone to repetitive injury later in life and arthritic changes. 

In our practice, we utilize  the latest technology to determine if there is a fracture,dislocation or torn ligaments. If you've sprained your ankle or have a history of ankle sprains, early evaluation and aggressive treatment  is the best way to avoid chronic pain, instability and arthritis of the involved joints. 

Come in immediately to be evaluated and to learn more about all of your treatment options.