comprehensive care for Children's Feet

Do Your Children's Feet Have Any of These Common Foot Problems?

  • Pigeon Toe (intoe) An inward position of the feet when standing or walking.
  • Out-Toe - Child "walks like a duck."
  • Flatfeet - In children 3 years of older this should be evaluated.
  • Overlapping toes - These hereditary problems if caught early can be corrected without surgery.
  • Clumsiness - If your child stumbles over their own feet often it may be a sign of flat footedness or foot positional problems.
  • Warts, Nails and Skin Disorders - Rash, itchiness and deformed nails are common and easily treated.

Most of the above are hereditary and if evaluated early are treated without embarrassing shoes, casts or braces. We use the most modern techniques in children's foot care with complete cooperation from your pediatrician.

New Treatment for "Pigeon Toe"

We can fit your infant child with the new CRS (Counter Rotational System), developed by Langer Bio mechanics Inc., of Deer Park, NY.

The CRS allows infants to crawl while maintaining foot position. It replaces the traditional rigid type bars (Denis-Brown Bar) still commonly used today. The CRS bar is designed with hinges which allow the infant to crawl and even stand while being treated. Parents can rest easy while their child's foot problems are being treated both safely and effectively

Wheaton Brace Reduces Need to Cast Infants

The Wheaton Brace is useful for most mild and moderate cases of tibial torsion (bowing) and metatarsus adductus ("C"-shaped feet)", states Dr. Bilotti. "We still have to resort to serial plaster casts for some stubborn cases." As with most medical problems, these conditions respond well to treatment when caught very early - especially before age one. The Wheaton Brace (Wheaton Brace Company, Carol Stream, Il) is the latest advance in the treatment of children with bowing of the lower legs (tibial torsion) and turned-in or "C" shaped feet (metatarsus adductus).

These very common foot conditions are usually present from birth and many times will resolve without treatment.

The new brace is both comfortable and effective. Prior to its inception, these conditions were treated with weekly applications of plaster casts to the infant's legs and feet. You can imagine how traumatic this is for both child and parent.

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