Valley Stream's Own Sports Podiatrists

If you visit Central Podiatry Associates, P.C., you may find yourself sitting next to a seven foot tall college basketball star or perhaps a burly 300 pound linebacker. 

Since 1982, the doctors have been the team podiatrists for Fordham University's Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. Contrary to what you might think, sports injuries of the foot and ankle are on the increase. It seems every other day a major athlete is fracturing a bone or injuring a ligament. 

"We are extremely busy at the college," said Dr. Bilotti. "Athletes from every sport are subject to overuse and stress injuries. For example, men and women track teams suffer from shin splints, arch pain and Runner's Knee (all treatable foot conditions)," Bilotti said. 

"Whereas during football and basketball seasons, ankle sprains and stress fractures are more common." 

It seems each season the busy Doctors treat student athletes from football, baseball, men and women's basketball, track and cross country. Not to mention an occasional soccer and tennis injury. 

Are there really that many sports injuries related to the foot? Apparently yes; in fact. The Drs. treat an average of 15 to 25 athletes on a typical Friday afternoon. "We have been working at Fordham since 1981," says Dr. Bilotti (a former star athlete herself and a member of the Fordham University Hall of Fame) "We started out 10 years ago at the invitation of the team's athletic trainer and on the very first visit treated over 30 students. Every Friday afternoon since 1981, my husband, Dr. Caprioli, and I travel to the Bronx campus to treat the athletes before their Saturday games. Besides being team doctors we're big Fordham sports fans."

"Most people have no idea how valuable we are to the team," explains Dr. Caprioli. "Injury prevention is our main concern. For example, a football player on scholarship develops painful shin splints (soreness in the lower legs after running or overexertion). Before this problem progresses to a possible stress fracture, we evaluate and treat the student in this case exercise, prescription medication, and orthotics (custom foot molds to prevent excessive pulling on the skin muscles). The athlete feels better, the coach is happy not to lose a player, and the college benefits by maintaining a good athletic program." 

"The Fordham campus is a beautiful oasis in the Bronx," states Dr. Caprioli. "We encourage our patients and their families to attend the home games. The university is located next to the N.Y. Botanical Gardens, The Bronx Zoo and Arthur Ave. ("Little Italy of the Bronx") a short 20 minute ride from Valley Stream (Whitestone Bridge to Hutchenson Parkway to Pelham Parkway West follow signs to Fordham University.