Comprehensive care for Foot and Ankle Fractures

A Broken Bone is also known as a fracture.  There is a common misconception that a broken bone is worse than a fracture.  In reality they are the same.  

There are many different types of fractures or breaks.  

  • A bone can be broken and the fragments can be out of position.  We call this a displaced fracture.   Conversely, if they are in good alignment it's called a non-displaced fracture. 
  • If a bone is broken and you can barely see it on an x-ray, it is a hairline fracture.  
  • Finally, if a bone is broken and one of the fragments has punctured the skin, we call this an open or compound fracture.

Since open fractures can  easily become infected immediate surgical management is required. Broken bones are usually splinted initially to prevent bone movement and further damage to the soft tissues that surround them. If the fracture is displaced it may need to be set.  In certain fractures, setting them can be difficult.

In these types of fractures, surgery is also indicated. This will provide the best opportunity for healing. Even though all of this sounds very scary, most fractures can be managed in a cast without going to the OR.  

Even simple fractures of the toes respond very well to this treatment.  And yes, we do put casts on toes. Not the plaster or fiberglass most people think of.   Instead,we use a mesh tape which holds the toe in place. 

If you, or someone you know has sustained an injury to the foot or ankle we will make every attempt to see you ASAP. usually the day you call.