Custom Orthotics

  • Our Orthotics are designed to fit your individual body needs and are definitely not-“one size fits all!”
  • Custom foot orthotics should not be confused with over the counter “arch supports”. These devises are custom fitted for you and your family at our office either by cast or foam impression or 3-d computer scanning. Orthotics are designed to correct abnormalities of gait and to decrease painful pressure on overly stressed joints, bones and ligaments.
  • Children can benefit greatly from wearing orthotics especially during the developmental years when bones and joint require structure and support. Adults and athletes know that orthotics can help keep them active during work and recreation and help prevent injury and in many cases the need for surgery. The elderly and diabetic population rely on custom orthotics to relieve pain and prevent potentially limb threatening ulcerations and wounds.
  • Orthotics can be made for dress shoes, work, sports, growing children and even CUSTOM flip flops and sandals!
  • Most importantly, custom orthotics are “holistic” and may reduce the need for oral medication; injections and foot surgery. They can also slow the progression of foot deformities and decrease the chances of reoccurrence after foot surgery.