Can Orthopedic Shoes Ease My Foot Pain? Long Island Foot and Ankle Group

There are no orthopedic shoes designed to answer all or every foot condition. Shoes are individually designed to answer a specific foot need or condition. It is essential to know the specifics of the shoes you need to properly address your need. But there are some commercially available shoes designed to answer the needs of people who need that extra level of support for their feet.

Consult a podiatrist for any sign of nagging foot pain. This can be an indication of a foot condition The doctors of Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot conditions.

Below are some of the commercially available shoes that can be used for knee pain and osteoarthritis.  These pairs of shoes come in highly recommended by individuals who were able to experience positive results by using them in their activities.

  • New Balance – as stylish and as useful as it is, many doctors recommend using New Balance shoes for running and walking when knee pain is experienced. Some have supportive cushioning and uses a motion-control technology.
  • Skechers – are great for those who have knee problems because of its ability to twist and flex with movement. It is easy to wear as it is a slip-on and also helps minimizes bad odor due to having enough air space on the forefoot area.
  • Puma – Puma’s H-Street proved to be a good pair of shoes for people with arthritis as tested by Arthritis Care and Research due to its flat and flexible feature that reduces the workload on knee joints. Though you may not able to see an H-Street being sold nowadays, you can still have the Puma 76 Runner which resembles H-Street’s specifications.
  • Nike – Nike Air is quite stylish and provides an additional cushion for your feet to ensure that pressure is less and add comfort on the wearer.
  • Brooks – Doctors may recommend either a Brooks Adrenaline or Brooks Glycerine for knee surgeries such as knee replacements. Due to Adrenaline’s extended diagonal rollbar, it provides extra stability for you while Glycerine helps distributing the pressure evenly from heel to forefoot.

Above are just 5 of the many possible shoes that comes highly recommended. These shoes can be used to minimize foot pain and promote proper foot care. At Long Island Foot and Ankle Group with offices located in Valley Stream and Lake Success,we specialize in helping people with foot disorders. To schedule an appointment phone Valley Stream (516) 825-4070 or Lake Success (516) 327-0074.