Enjoy a Professional Pedicure Worry-Free


At Long Island Foot & Ankle Group, PC, we know that many of our patients would love to enjoy a relaxing, professional pedicure but worry about the possibility of getting an injury or a bacterial or fungal infection in their toenails or feet. That’s why we offer a medically-safe nail spa in both our Valley Stream (516-825-4070) and Lake Success (516-327-0074) offices.

Many private nail salons put the health of your feet at risk. Wherever there are many people with bare feet sharing a facility, the chances of fungal infections, athlete’s foot, warts and other contagious nail and skin conditions are greatly increased. That’s because fungi thrive in warm, moist places and are spread by direct contact. If foot baths and tools are not properly heat-sanitized, it’s easy to pass infections on from one client to the next. In addition, improperly-trained nail technicians can nick the skin or draw blood when trimming cuticles.

These create an unsafe situation for any patient, but for those with diabetes or on blood thinning medications they pose a serious medical threat.

Benefits of Our Nail Spas

When you make an appointment at one of our nail spas, you can come in, relax and fully enjoy your professional pedicure. Some features we offer include:

  • Medically safe pedicures

  • Properly-heated autoclave sterilized tools and sanitized foot baths

  • Privacy

  • Our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Russell Caprioli, Dr. Mary Ann Bilotti, Dr. John Haight and Dr. Marzana Mleczko are on site. If the nail technician detects a foot or toe problem or spots something suspicious looking while performing your pedicure, foot doctors are on site and can be consulted.

So go ahead treat your feet to a relaxing and beautifying pedicure, but do so at one of our safe nail spas. Contact us for a convenient appointment today.