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Chicago Bears Receiver Marquess Wilson Gets Foot Injury - Long Island Foot and Ankle Group

Chicago Bears’ receiver Marquess Wilson previously missed practice after suffering from a foot injury. Marquess Wilson landed on injured reserve after he suffered a broken foot while practicing for a game. After an MRI, it was confirmed that Chicago Bear receiver suffered from a Lisfranc injury.

Injuries to athletes are not uncommon. But a large number these injuries are those affecting the foot. After all the foot is one of the most abused structures in the body. Consult a podiatrist for any signs of chronic foot pain. The doctors of Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with chronic foot pain and other types of foot conditions. 

A Lisfranc injury is a kind of foot injury that can be very serious and requires surgery. This type of foot injury usually requires a year to recover. Lisfranc injuries are common in athletes and in persons involved in a violent accident. Lisfranc injury is a foot pain that is difficult to diagnose.

What are the signs and symptoms of a Lisfranc injury?

  •  Swelling and pain over the mid-foot
  • Bruising on the bottom of the mid-foot
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Displacement between the metatarsal and tarsal bones
  • Foot pain when turning, walking or running
  • Abnormal widening of the foot

 Lisfranc injury treatment

When there is a sprain, the patient is placed in a removable plastic cast to immobilize the foot for approximately eight weeks. Crutches are used to avoid putting weight on an injured foot. Ice therapy is very effective to relieve the pain. Apply ice packs for twenty minutes every two hours. Elevate the foot to reduce the pain and swelling. The use of anti-inflammatory medications is also necessary to reduce the pain and the swelling. 

Secure the fractured and dislocated bones with screws and pins fixation. The surgeon will determine the best procedure that is suited for every patient. Some injuries require emergency surgery. Physical therapy may be prescribed for the pain and the swelling subsided. 

How to prevent Lisfranc injury? 

Since Lisfranc injury is prevalent in football, the NFL has been prompted to look more into the ins and outs of this specific injury. The National Football League checked on how the injury occurs and how to best prevent it. They tried to see whether the shoes of the players are too lightweight or the cleats has a tight grip on the turf which can be dangerous to their players. 

Wearing a comfortable and suitable footwear will help prevent an athlete from Lisfranc injury especially in a game or in a training session. Proper exercises and training are also needed to lessen the possibility to have a Lisfranc injury.

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