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Sports Foot Injuries

One of the major responsibilities of the feet is supporting our body weight. The feet are composed of load-bearing structures that are capable of withstanding the stress of running, jumping or most sports activities. But, it too has its limits and when we go beyond what is was designed for, foot injuries happen.

Sever’s Disease

This is a painful heel condition found in child athletes. Feet development occurs during our childhood years. And an injury may occur when these are subjected to repeated abuse from sports activities before it is fully developed. The heel growth plate is one of the last structures in the feet to mature. And child athletes are at high risk for developing heel injuries because of this.  

Athletes Foot

Anybody can have athlete’s foot but this is more common among athletes because of certain practices. Athletes often have to take showers in training rooms or public showers. An infection can occur when bare feet is exposed to wet surfaces. 

Sore Feet

A hard day of training often results to sore feet. While most athletes dismiss this as part of their profession, pain and soreness that don’t go away with medication and rest should be consulted with a podiatrist. The podiatrists at Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are doctors who specializes in helping people suffering from sports related foot injuries.


Fractures are commonly caused by breaks in load bearing bones in the feet. High risk areas include the heel, ankle, navicula and metatarsal bones. Stress on these foot structures are multiplied often to its breaking point through repeated high impact activities. This is why warm-ups and foot strengthening exercises should be done before an athlete progresses into more difficult activities. 

Ankle Sprains

Sports require explosive movements that demand strength and flexibility. A quick change in direction places huge stress on the ankles causing sprain. When it is overstretched beyond its limit, this is injured causing pain and inflammation.

Tingling Feet

That tingling sensation in your feet can be caused by poor circulation or nerve damage. While it might only be a cause of inconvenience it can already be a symptom of an underlying disease. This includes peripheral neuropathy or Raynaud’s disease.

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