Running Shoes and Blisters

Ill-fitting shoes. Protruding joints. A whole lot of foot activity. Whatever the cause, a lot of friction – and let’s just add in a few teaspoons of sweat while we’re at it – between your feet against a material often leading to blisters. Tiny and squishy, smooth and shiny; these water balloons are fun to touch.

However, when reality kicks in and you have to move on and keep running, these water balloons are not just annoying and painful; they also put you at a risk for infection. Visit a podiatrist for any sign of foot injury. The doctors at Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people suffering from sports related foot injuries.

The Culprit


  • Heat as a result of friction is the most common cause for blister formation and is also the hardest to avoid. Your skin will try to make a barrier against heat by pooling in fluid to a particular area between the epidermis and the dermis.


  • Moisture can be in the form of sweat, or exposure to actual forms of water (puddles, rainwater, bodies of water – if you’re in a marathon). Moisture soaks your skin and makes it softer, leading to easier skin breakage. Just a tiny amount of friction, which cannot be avoided when you’re running, and you end up with a flap of epidermis detached from your dermis.

Blister, Blister, Go Away

There are a few quick remedies for blisters you can do at home as first aid.

  • If the blister is not broken, it is best to keep the skin intact. The unbroken skin can act as a natural barrier against bacteria. Thoroughly clean the area, then cover the blister with moleskin or blister pads to help prevent rupturing and further friction.
  • For ruptured (intentional or unintentional) blisters, wash the area and apply antimicrobial solutions and/or ointment. Cover the popped blister with sterile gauze or bandage if you will be exposed to the environment or public. When at home, leave the area uncovered so it dries out fast.
  • If the blister becomes infected, see a podiatrist immediately

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