What to do when you have Toe Cramps

Toe cramps can be an indication that the muscles in our toes have reached its limits. When this happens, rest and other conservative treatments can give you much needed relief from muscle spasms and pain. Although cases of toe cramps are not uncommon, this becomes a serious concern when it occurs regularly or does not go away with rest. When this happens, consult a podiatrist. The doctors at Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists specialize in helping people with foot disorders.

Possible causes of Toe Cramps

Buildup of lactic acid in the muscles caused by prolonged muscle activity

  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Diuretics and cholesterol lowering medications
  • Tight fitting shoes
  • Aging

What you should do?

Toe stretches

If you’re an active runner, perform toe stretches before the activity. It might also be a good idea to incorporate foot and toe muscle strengthening exercises before engaging in regular running activities. Toe stretching exercises can help you avoid toe cramps and bring much needed flexibility to the muscles.

  • Toe raises
  • Toe flex
  • Toe curl
  • Marble pickup

Hot or cold compress

Applying some heat on your toes can get the blood flowing into the toes again and helps the muscle relax. Use a heating pad or apply a warm towel over the area. You can also soak your foot in water for instant relief.

A cold compress helps soothe pain and reduce inflammation. Use a cold pack to gently massage your toes.

Recharge with electrolytes

We don’t only lose water when we sweat. Salt, calcium, potassium and other important minerals are lost when sweating. Toe cramps or muscle cramps in general can be an indication of low nutrient intake. Our toes need their daily dose of minerals too and being at the extremities may mean it’s last in line. And energy drink filled with electrolytes could help your toe muscles get back on track.

Get the right type of shoes

Shoes provide much needed support to the feet and toes. Getting the right type of shoes does not only mean getting running shoes but also getting shoes that perfectly fit. Shoes with small toe boxes place extra pressure on the toes which could get tired easily. If you find yourself suffering from chronic toe cramps look for shoes with wide toe boxes.

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