Keeping your Feet and Joints Healthy - Long Island Foot and Ankle Group

The bones and joints in our feet are responsible for supporting our weight and keeping the feet flexible. Walking and running with a foot injury is almost impossible making foot and joint care essential.  This is not just something we do not only to keep foot injuries at bay but more importantly keep them healthy in the future.

Avoiding physical activities could actually increase your risk for foot or joint injury. Building up strength in the feet and joints by exercising decreases your chances for foot injury. Living an active lifestyle has other health benefits. It keeps you within your ideal weight range further reducing stress in your feet.

If you feel foot pain while walking or exercising, consult a podiatrist to determine if this can be an indication of a foot injury. The doctors at Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists  who specialize in helping people suffering from foot conditions.

Increasing your calcium intake could go a long way in strengthening your bones and joints. This is certainly important during our growing up years but is also equally important in adult life. Women are at high risk for osteoarthritis.  Low estrogen levels decrease their protection against inflammation in the joints. Hormone therapy can help women reduce risk for osteoarthritis. 

 If you’re searching for another good reason to minimize your sweet cravings it’s keeping your feet and joints healthy. Sweets reduce bone density. Making your susceptible to foot and joint injuries. And it can also place you on the heavy side. Bad news for your feet and joints who end up supporting this extra weight. 

If you’ve decided on taking your calcium intake to another level but is still having problems with bone strength then Vitamin D can be the culprit. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption so be sure you get the recommended doses to improve calcium intake. 

Pain and swelling are just some of the signs of foot or joint injury.  At Long Island Foot and Ankle Group with offices located in Valley Stream and Lake Success, we specialize in helping people suffering from foot injuries.  To schedule an appointment phone Valley Stream (516) 825-4070 or Lake Success (516) 327-0074.