Marc Gasol Suffers Broken Foot Injury - Long Island Foot and Ankle Group

Who would have thought that the ever reliable center of Memphis Grizzlies Marc Gasol might suffer from a broken foot injury? The center suffered a broken foot injury while playing against the Portland Trail Blazers? He immediately underwent successful surgery to repair the broken bone in his right foot.

Broken Foot injury

A crack or fracture in the foot can be serious. This injury needs attention and proper medication to avoid complications. The human foot is composed of 26 bones and is prone to injuries like fractures or breaks. It is important that you consult with a podiatrist for the first signs of a foot injury. The doctors of Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot pain and other types of foot conditions.

What are the causes of a broken foot injury?

Accidents is one of the leading reasons why bones break. When bones are suddenly bent, stretched, twisted, or crushed it can lead to a breaks. Athletes, soldiers, gymnasts, runners, and dancers are prone to this type of injury.

What are the symptoms of a broken foot injury?

  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain during an activity and is gone when resting
  • Deformity of the foot
  • Immobility
  • Pain

If someone has a broken foot injury, walking may become painful. It is also impossible to diagnose a broken foot by just looking at it. The best thing to do is to seek medical attention. The podiatrist will order an x-ray to determine what kind of treatment is needed. Sprain and broken bone injury are almost similar when it comes to symptoms. The only difference is the intensity of the pain, bruising, and swelling.

Treatment for broken foot injury

The type of treatment for a broken foot injury is determined by the location and its severity. It is necessary to stabilize the injured foot whether it is mild or severe. You also have to avoid putting weight on your injured foot. Crutches, casting, walking boot, or wheelchair are few options to help treat the broken foot.

Splinting is also a way to treat the broken foot injury. See to it not to tape the broken foot tightly. Let your doctor show you the proper way of splinting your broken foot.

Wear a shoe with a solid sole that will provide an additional support. The recovery period of broken foot injury is between six to eight weeks depending on the degree of injury. 

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