What to Look for in Therapeutic Shoes - At Long Island Foot and Ankle Group

Therapeutic shoes are recommended for diabetics with existing foot problems or to prevent foot conditions from progressing into serious complications. These type of shoes are special footwear used by amputees and diabetics who are at high risk for nerve damage, foot deformity and foot ulcers.

Forgiving Toe Box

Your shoe’s toe box should allow your toes to move freely. Friction among the toes from hard, confined toe boxes can lead to foot ulcers or even foot deformities. A wide toe box helps prevent the development of hammertoes or relieve the pain associated with this condition.

Regular foot checks are essential especially for diabetics. If you are a diabetic, it is advised that you consult a podiatrist for any sign of foot disorders. The doctors of Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot disorders and injuries.

Comfortable Material

Shoes made from soft leathers or cloth allows your feet to move freely inside the shoe. Blisters could easily develop as the skin rubs against rough surfaces. Shoes made of flexible materials makes it possible for it to conform to your foot’s unique shape. This rather than having your feet compressed tightly against tight the walls of your shoes.

Special Inserts

Those suffering from flat foot or high arches could use special inserts to provide additional support to their feet. A special insert assists in helping the feet achieve its normal form. This ensures optimum weight distribution in the feet which helps relieve arch or heel pain for those suffering from flat foot or high arches.

Shoe laces and Straps

Shoes with laces or straps allows you to adjust the tightness or fitment of your shoes to your liking. This is especially useful for diabetics suffering from poor circulation in their feet. Shoe laces makes it possible for them to loosen up their shoes to allow a smoother flow of blood to the feet.

Quick Benefits of Therapeutic Shoes

  • Therapeutic shoes provide added support
  • Better blood flow to the feet
  • Realign simple foot deformities
  • Minimize pain from foot deformities such as hammertoes
  • Brings added comfort to your feet
  • Better mobility for those with foot disorders
  • Cheaper method of correcting simple foot deformities and preventing further foot damage

Therapeutic shoes has always been a great way of treating simple foot disorders and preventing these from progressing into something more serious. These shoes may not have been popular because it simply didn’t matched their wardrobe. But today’s therapeutic shoes have gone a long way in terms of design and could be used for formal and informal wear.   

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