Travel Bag for Your Feet


If you’re lucky enough to have one more chance to squeeze in a vacation this summer we at Long Island Foot & Ankle Group, PC want to suggest that you remember to pack a bag for your feet. No, it won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage but you may be surprised to find that having a few small items on hand can make your vacation much more enjoyable—cause if you’re feet aren’t happy it’s hard to have a good time! Be sure to include the following:

  • Moleskin—it’s a good idea to bring comfortable shoes that you’ve had for a while when going away on a trip as opposed to brand new ones, but even shoes that are tried and true can start to rub if you are walking longer distances than you normally do for sightseeing or shopping. Cutting a small piece of moleskin and putting it over a sore spot before a blister forms can prevent you from having to cut the day short. Have at least two pairs of shoes with you so you can trade off if one starts to hurt your feet.
  • Flip flops—public places where people walk barefoot are breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. Wear flip flops for the pool, changing areas, spa and gym to protect your feet from athlete’s foot and fungal toenails. Don’t wear flip flops for sightseeing or other walking outings, however, because they provide no support and increase the risk of tripping and sprains.
  • Water bottle—you might wonder how this helps your feet but staying well hydrated helps flush excess fluid from your body and reduces edema or swelling of your feet and ankles.
  • Mini first aid kit—have a few bandages, antiseptic wipes and antibacterial ointment to treat minor cuts or scrapes on your feet or in case you do end up with a blister that pops. This will help prevent an infection.
  • Nail clippers and emery board—file or trim any toenails that develop a jagged edge to prevent them from catching and tearing on your socks. Remember to trim nails short (but not too short) and straight across. This will help prevent ingrown toenails, particularly if you will be doing a lot of walking.

If you do injure your foot or twist an ankle while you’re away, seek medical help promptly. Use the RICE method: rest, ice, compression and elevation until you can get to a doctor. Once you return, contact our Valley Stream or Lake Success office and make an appointment for one of our foot and ankle surgeons, Dr. Russell Caprioli, Dr. Mary Ann Bilotti, Dr. John Haight or Dr. Marzana Mleczko to check that the injury is healing properly.