4 Symptoms that May Lead to a Surprising Diagnosis

It’s important to get in the habit of checking your feet on a regular basis. Sometimes at Long Island Foot & Ankle Group, PC we find that seemingly minor symptoms may actually be pointing to a serious health problem that goes way beyond a patient’s feet.

Risk Factors for Developing Foot Problems in our Later Years

Aging is inevitable and some of us may think that age related problems is something just around the corner. Feet conditions such as arthritis and ingrown toenails are common among the elderly.  But just because these are common medical conditions in seniors, it doesn’t mean everybody has to suffer from it. Knowing, is half the battle and a little bit of prevention goes a long way in shielding your feet from future foot conditions.

 Wearing tight, poorly fitting, high heeled shoes – whenever we place extra pressure in our feet for wearing the wrong type of shoes, we run the risk of developing foot conditions in our later years. When we go against the natural structure of our feet we increase our risk for certain foot conditions. 

Diabetes – complications from diabetes include peripheral neuropathy and poor blood circulation to the feet. Both of which directly contribute to the development of serious foot infections. Loss of sensation reduces our ability to recognize wounds and poor circulation decreases our immune system’s response to infection. 

Complications from diabetes includes poor eyesight. This places seniors in greater risk for accidents and falls. Seniors are less resilient in terms of recovering from injuries. Fractures may not heal properly resulting to long term disabilities.

Weight problems – our feet are designed to absorb our weight when standing, walking or running. Multiply this a couple of times when jumping and you have a recipe for foot injury. 

History of foot injuries – previous injuries can result to serious foot problems in our later years. Improper healing of foot fractures and injuries become more prominent as we age. Our feet are no longer able to compensate for the structural abnormalities in our feet. 

Athletes or those with an active lifestyle should consult with a podiatrist to inspect past injuries and seek proper treatment for any foot injury. The doctors at Long Island Foot and Ankle Group are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot conditions. 

Peripheral neuropathy – is the loss of sensation in the extremities such as the foot and legs. It may not have a direct effect in the development of foot injuries but it places us at greater risk for infection and injury.  Wounds may go unnoticed for days allowing infection to set in. Combined with a senior’s weak immune system this makes wounds a serious health threat. See a podiatrist immediately for foot wound care

Standing for long periods of time – young people may get away with a lot of things but this could cause feet problems in our senior years. Standing for long periods of time places huge pressure on our feet. We should never underestimate the amount of work our feet experiences during our daily activities. While walking or running are necessary, standing for long periods of time can be avoided.  

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